Max ’ Children prepare
Max shows the children their name in
the program of the Karlsburg Festival.
Herr Zeller looking for the
Herr Zeller arrives at the von Trapp Villa. He is annoyed that
the Captain & Maria have not returned from their honeymoon.
Herr Zeller & Max square off
Max & Herr Zeller argue as to who has more authority
on who performs at the Festival.
Max has an escape
Max has a plan for the entire family to escape Austria.
Max explains
The Captain is unhappy about his children performing
in the Festival. Max explains his plan for escape.
Herr Zeller returns with the
	Captain’ orders
Herr Zeller and Admiral von Shreiber return
with orders for the Captain.
Herr Zeller skeptical
Herr Zeller is skeptical
of the Captain’s participation.
The von Trapps at the Festival
The von Trapps perform 'Do-Re-Mi'.
A teary eyed Captain attempts 'Edelweiss'.
Children & Maria join the
The children & Maria help the Captain finish.
Louisa & Brigitta at the
Louisa & Brigitta’s bow in 'So Long, Farewell'
Gretl at the Festival
Gretl’s finish.
End of Festival
Maria the Captain & Gretl preparing to leave the stage.
Max announces von Trapps
Max announces the 1st place von Trapps.
Soldiers storm the stage
Herr Zeller and soldiers storm the stage looking for
the von Trapps who fail to enter after Max announces them.
The Escape
The Mother Abbess shows the von Trapps an escape route.
Nuns say goodbye
The nuns bid farewell to the von Trapps.
Mother Abbess &
The Mother Abbess & Maria
share a goodbye.
von Trapps escape to the Alps
The von Trapps as they begin their journey through the Alps.

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